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About Cups N Canvas


About Cups N Canvas
Synonymous with its name, Cups N Canvas is all about the harmony of art and coffee, in a café-studio setting coupled with elements of fun, vibrancy and homeliness.

Its name was born out of an artist’s personal experience, where he often finds himself late at night, surrounded with empty cups of coffee around his work table while furiously painting away on a canvas due for submission. This sight is all too familiar for the avid artists out there.

Cups N Canvas welcomes anyone who simply enjoys artisanal coffee and good old comfort food to drop by this nesting place, located along the extended arts belt of Singapore. With its rustic charm as seen from its cozy interior, Cups N Canvas seeks to revive the creative and fun-loving side of people who may be robotized by the fast-paced, mundane city-dwelling lives from time to time.

Who knows? Maybe there’s an artist in you too!

About the House

Cups N Canvas is housed within a characteristic art-deco shophouse with a peculiar personality, steeped in history.

Watched over by the Ong brothers, whose family came from Perak just after the Second World War. With their grandparents, the three brothers and their extended family lived under one roof until 1967. A prominent businessman, Ong’s father was also a recognised figure in the Hokkien community, receiving an engraved mirror that commemorates his contributions to society from his clan association in the 60s.

All that is left of the family history and legacy is the house that stands on 139 Selegie Road. While receiving many offers to sell the property either to convert it into a budget hotel or office premises, the brothers have refused to lease it out to anyone they feel will not preserve the architectural heritage of the building and the site.

Today, the noble shophouse is home to a publishing and design consultancy founded by a pop culture junkie on the top floor, an established multi-hyphenated collaborative helmed by an enigmatic star architect on the third floor, an indie bar and local artist conclave with lazy dusty grandeur and discerning modern taste on the second floor and a breezy cafe and art studio stands on the ground floor, completing the family of bursting infectious creative talent.